Gas prices going down Thursday

Petrojam has announced a modest drop in gas prices as of Thursday, but warns that prices may rise in the coming weeks.

The local rises, according to Petrojam, will be the result of higher oil prices amid the Russia-Ukraine situation, as well as possible supply limits as a result of Monday’s explosion and fire at Marathon Petroleum Corp’s refinery in Louisiana.

The price of gasoline will be reduced by $0.25 on Thursday.

A litre of E-10 87 will set you back $180.65, while a litre of E-10 90 would set you back $185.67.

Automotive diesel oil will drop $0.25 to $183.41 per litre, while Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel will drop $0.25 to $187.92 per litre.

The price of kerosene will be reduced by $0.25 to $158.01 per litre.

Propane will increase by $3.06 per litre to $79.10 per litre, while butane will increase by $3.00 to $88.89 per litre.

The announced pricing will be increased by the mark-up of marketing companies.


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