Bentley Motors order to destroy clothing with logo of competing Bentley Clothing in the UK


Luxury car manufacturer Bentley has been ordered to destroy a range of clothing merchandise.

This after losing a trademark dispute with a fashion company based in Manchester England.

In 2019, the High Court ruled Bentley Motors had infringed the trademark of Manchester-based Bentley Clothing.

That ment Bentley Motors could not use the name on its UK clothing range.

The car firm decided to appeal the verdict and this latest failure mandates them to destroy all existing clothing merchandise by 3 February with the logo.

It would also have to limit its range in future to “jackets, silk ties, caps and scarves”, the court decided.

Director of Bentley Clothing, Christopher Lees, in a statement said the company was happy that matter has been resolved.

“We tried to be very reasonable but it got us nowhere. They tried to extinguish our rights so our business has really suffered,” he said.

“But now, finally, it looks like we’ll be able to move forward at last.”

The manufacturer said it was “very disappointed” but “fully respects” the judgement.

The dispute began when it approached the car giant in 1998 about the branding clash, and the High Court action was launched in 2017 after years of negotiations.

Bentley Motors made unsuccessful attempts to cancel the clothing firm’s Bentley trademark, which it has held since 1982, at the UK Intellectual Property Office.