Boeing 737 Max given green light to fly in the US


The United States is the first country to authorise the return of the Boeing 737 Max.

This clearance came after 20 months of inactivity due to safety concerns after two planes of the same model crashed upon taking off in Ethiopia and Malaysia. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) who granted the approval, in a statement said despite this milestone, the plane “would not be immediately returning to the skies”. Alongside the software and wiring changes, pilots will also need training.

The FAA said the design changes it had required “have eliminated what caused these particular accidents”.

Chief Executive Officer of Boeing, Dave Calhoun was elated with the news. He said the last two years have been particularly difficult for the company on every level.

He said, “these events and the lessons we have learned as a result have reshaped our company and further focused our attention on our core values of safety, quality and integrity.”