Gunmen rob money shop of $3.2 million

CCTV captured gunmen robbing a JN money shop in Whitehouse, Westmoreland

In a brazen daylight act, gunmen this morning robbed the JN Bank moneyshop in Whitehouse, Westmoreland of approximately $3.2 million.

The gunmen took a firearm belonging to a the security guard stationed at the location.

If that wasn’t enough, they stole a taxi and fled the scene of their crime.

In a statement this afternoon, JN said the incident happened about 11:40 a.m. and that none of its four employees or members of the public who were at the location were harmed.

However, the Guardsman’s security guard was injured during the incident and has since received medical treatment.

JN says the location is currently closed and the police and Guardsman are now on the scene conducting investigations.

It says employees are receiving counselling.

In the meantime, the getaway car which was used by gunmen, a white Toyota Fielder, was recovered by police in the New Works community in the Darliston area about 2:00 pm.